Have you ready in the road of electronic industry

Always,I keep asking myself :Am I ready in the road of electronics ?
Today I just want to talk something about my friend in the road of electronic industry. Here it is:
On the road, we can always meet different people at different time points. Starting from the graduation of Business English in 2010, I began to do electronic components distribution industry. I have been telling myself that it is a sunrise industry, a world science and technology industry, and the progress of scientific and technological civilization can not be separated from the support of the electronics and hardware industry.My choice will be right. The development of science and technology has impacted various industries. The industrial 4 uses mechanical arms instead of large numbers of manpower. The Internet economy makes the original competitive price war spilling. The high research and development funds are prohibitive for the small and medium economies. The choice of consumption preferences let many factories have…

How to look at artificial intelligence course

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From last year to this year, AI is probably the most popular technology term in social media. In the era of AI, people are getting more and more aware of its boundaries and capabilities, and the fear of AI is also fading away.

I.The panic of artificial intelligenceIn 1996, IBM developed "super computer Deep Blue" defeated the world chess champion Kasparov, artificial intelligence began to enter the public view, and in 2016 AlphaGo won the genius chess player Li Shishi, so that the term artificial

The Threshold for Automotive Electronic Components

Page Introduction Classification Electronic componet Keyword Automotive Electronic Components,electronic components Article core What’s the Threshold for Automotive Electronic Components CatalogsCatalogs I. Trends in Automotive Electronics II. The Market Analysis of Automotive Electronic Components III.Standard of Car Rules--automotive standards electronic components IV. Long-term supply for automobile electronic components · 1. Double origin and supply safety · 2. Reliability and harsh environment · 3. Recall and functional safety ·

What are the common electronic components

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Catalogs I.Resistor 2. What is the use of crystal diode 1. What is crystal triode 1.What is resistor 3. how to identify crystal diode 2. the feature of crystal triode to identify resistor values and read the resistor color code IV.Zener Diode